Whether you need help with cleaning, deodorizing, or disinfecting, Pennsylvania Paper and Supply Company has the right chemical to get the job done. Keep your home and workplace safe and hygienic with a powerful arsenal of sanitation products. We also offer restoration products, sealants and finishes for your wood floors and furniture.
Whatever your bonding needs, you can find the appropriate adhesive in the appropriate strength by shopping our comprehensive collection. If you're looking for a lubricant, try our extensive selection, which includes
Adhesives & Lubricants
When approaching any cleaning job, it's important to have the right chemicals to avoid damage and improve results. We provide a complete range of cleaning chemicals for carpets, floors, various equipment and more. Shop our selection and find the right product for the job.
Cleaning Chemicals
Take on the toughest extermination jobs with chemical products formulated to do exactly what you need. Whether you're tackling lice, hornets, ants or a combination of unwanted creatures, we have just the thing to make your job easier and preserve the reputable condition of your workplace.
Insect & Weed Control
Unpleasant odors in any area of your home or workplace can quickly change the atmosphere from productive and positive to distracting and sour. We offer odor and fragrance solutions in liquid, aerosol, powder and solid. Find the right product to eliminate your home or office odors right away.
Odor Control