Desk Accessories
Desk Accessories
A customized desk area improves efficiency by providing professionals quick, convenient access to the materials, supplies and equipment they use throughout the day. Make your work space work for you by accessorizing with organizers, keyboard and lap drawers, locking drawers and wheel kits.
Bookends create a polished, professional style on your desk or shelf. We carry a variety of simple, reinforced bookends and stylish designer bookends, so you can choose the option that suits the atmosphere you want in your home or office.
Book Ends
Customize your work space with desk accessories that transform a plain surface into a functional and integral part of your routine. We carry stacking kits, vertical organizers, desk trays, grommets, dishes, and more. Our desk accessories are available in a variety of materials, including sophisticated wood finishes and sleek metal frames.
Desk Accessories - Metal/wire/wood/plastic
When everything has a place, your desk practically organizes itself. Find the desk organizers that will help you rein in the chaos by shopping our online selection. You'll find all-in-one trays with cups, dividers, and pockets; pen, clip and accessory organizers, expanding organizers, and more.
Desk Accessories - Organizers
Desk pads protect your desk from indentations and scratches caused by writing, wristwatches, and general desktop activity, while providing a smooth surface upon which to write or work. We carry a variety of desk pads for every professional, from sophisticated leather with freeleaf writing pads, to transparent viewing pads that protect daily reference material or photos underneath, and counter mats that hold advertisments and signs inside a window pocket.
Desk Accessories - Pads
Build a work fort right on your desk to increase privacy and focus. Turn a large, shared work area into several, private work stations that promote an atmosphere of comfort and efficiency. We carry privacy panels, partitions, cubicle mounts, and more, so shop our online inventory to find the right level of privacy for your workplace.
Desk Accessories - Panel & Wall
Keep relevant letters and documents close at hand, or create an organized distribution system between employees and departments by utilizing wall files throughout your workplace. We carry large mesh pockets, hanging medical chart files, transparent plastic files, and more.
Desk Accessories - Wall Files