Facility Supplies
Facility Supplies
A disappointing restroom can quickly change a guest's opinion of their host. Get everything you need to make facility maintenance quick, easy and thorough. We carry all the supplies you could possibly need in order to provide a clean and accommodating lavatory to your guests, including automatic flush and faucet equipment, and urinal sanitation equipment.
If there is one thing that every residence and place of business need, it's garbage bags. Find the right size and type for each of your trash bins by checking out the wide variety we offer here at Pennsylvania Paper and Supply. You can also find an assortment of hazardous waste disposal bags.
Can-liners & Bags
Having the right tool for every job fosters efficiency and productivity in the workplace, and that goes for the washroom, too. We offer an assortment of cleaning equipment including brushes, cloths, sponges and scrubbers, even wall-washing tools. With a proper arsenal, you can breeze through tough jobs with fantastic results.
Cleaning Equipment
The appearance of the floor effects the look and feel of the entire building. We are your floor care equipment specialists, with everything from stripper, buffer and polish floor pads to buckets, wringers and floor matting. Browse our floor care department and keep your floor and building looking professional and well-maintained.
Floor Care Equipment
For thorough maintenance of your facilities, make sure you have the right equipment to suit your business. We carry house keeping equipment, maintenance signs, stools, ladders, and floor care equipment.
Maintenance Equipment
Simplify cleanup by providing your guests and crew with designated waste receptacles. Our catalog offers indoor and outdoor waste receptacles and accessories, including smoking accessories, large rolling bins and sanitary disposal containers.
Waste Receptacles
We carry a full line of HVAC equipment, heater, air conditioners, refrigeration supplies and accessories, filters, air treatments, central equipment, circulators and fans, controls and thermostats, test equipment, and ventilation.
For facility storage, we offer many different locker styles, sizes and specifications. Choose from large, multi-use storage lockers and individual, personal-use lockers in sets. Provide safe storage for company property, and the property of your employees, to clear up work spaces and improve efficiency.