Health & Personal Care
Health & Personal Care
Personal care products can easily be overlooked in the professional environment, particularly when wash rooms are readily available. However, not having the appropriate products can lead to ineffective grooming and inappropriate use. Here, you can find a huge assortment of hand soaps, ranging from gentle foaming wash to powerful, gritty cleaners, along with a variety of personal care products and their respective dispensers.
Shop our medical supply line to stay stocked with first aid kits, sharps disposal containers, and bloodborne pathogen cleanup kits. Keep your employees and guests safe and protect your business from avoidable hazards by browsing our online catalog of medical safety gear.
It's vital in the workplace for employees to have access to the personal cleaning supplies and protective gear necessary for the type of work they do. Shop for everything from gentle soap and shampoos to waterless soaps, disposable towels and potent, gritty hand cleaners. Find feminine hygiene, incontinence supplies and protective apparel.
Personal Care