Hand Stretch Film
Hand Stretch Film
Stretch film is great for the palletization of materials that might not be suited for strapping, or when you want to reduce tampering, inventory shrinkage, and employee injury. Our hand stretch film rolls range from five to nine pounds in a variety of lengths and stretch rates.
Hand stretch film allows for versatile handling and stretching while wrapping palleted inventory. Clear film creates a transparent protective barrier against weather and shifting. Shop our selection of clear hand stretch film to find the specifications that are right for your packaging department.
Clear Hand Stretch Film
Colored hand stretch film is transparent enough to see through after several passes, but colored enough to quickly identify coded pallets. We also carry opaque black stretch film. This tamper-evident stretch wrap can reach 100% stretch rate when applied by an experienced craftsman.
Colored hand Stretch Film
Extended core hand stretch film is ready for immediate use, without the need for special dispensers or machines. Quickly and easily switch rolls and continue packaging with a variety of thicknesses and widths to suit all of your packaging needs.
Extended Core Stretch Film
Prestretched hand stretch film reduces the amount of energy needed to apply each layer of film to a pallet, and provides more consistent wrapping tension. These lighter rolls create better packaging security with less effort, and less materials used.
Pre-stretched Hand Film