Kraft Paper
Kraft Paper
In our Kraft paper department, you can find every brown paper product you might need for your shipping, merchandise handling, and projects. We have the classic brown paper bag, large Kraft paper rolls, and large supplies of Kraft sheets.
The waffling of indented Kraft paper creates a stronger wrapping and interleaving material, as well as enhances the appearance of your packaging product. Protect your inventory and impress your customers with a Kraft paper that maintains its shape to cushion and stabilize your shipments.
Indented Kraft Paper
Kraft paper bags are a durable, cost-effective option for packaging and disposal. The strong, recycled paper protects contents from scratches and scuffing, and protects waste bins from leaks and tearing. Shop our inventory to find the right Kraft bags for your purposes.
Kraft Bags
Cost-effective Kraft paper rolls offer fast access to custom-sized sheets of durable, recycled packaging paper. We carry a variety of weights and widths to suit any packaging needs, so you can stock up on everything you need in your packaging department.
Kraft Paper Rolls
Kraft paper sheets are a convenient Kraft paper option that are still as affordable as the other Kraft paper options, but offer the speed and convenience of pre-cut sheets. We carry a range of sizes, so you can find what works best for your packaging needs.
Kraft Paper Sheets
Metal equipment, parts and tools require enhanced protection from moisture, grease, oil, and dust. Wrap your sensitive products in poly-coated Kraft paper to ensure the integrity of your shipments. We carry a variety of rolls and sheets to suit your needs.
Poly Coated Kraft