Machine Stretch Film
Machine Stretch Film
Machine stretch film is a great palletizing option for materials that are at more risk of becoming loose from regular strapping. Because it's stretched by a machine, the stretch rate can get up to 200%, and the rolls come in much larger sizes than the hand stretch variety.
Machine stretch film utilizes the stretch of the film evenly and efficiently, with more even strength being applied to the film than is possible with hand stretched film, and blown machine stretch film features higher puncture resistance and durability than cast machine stretch film.
Blown Machine Stretch Film
Cast machine stretch film offers the same even stretch rate as other machine stretch films, but cast film is by far the clearest, making reading and scanning through the film much easier.
Cast Machine Stretch Film
Colored machine stretch film allows color coding of pallets while taking advantage of the even, high stretch rate offered by machine stretched film. We offer a variety of colors and opacities to suit your packaging needs.
Colored machine Stretch Film