Office Supplies
Office Supplies
An office requires a fair number of supplies to function at optimum performance. Keep batteries, rubber bands, adhesives, labels, packaging and paper products stocked and ready for the demands of your office business.
Find clips for your housekeeping carts and fabric wall panels, as well as strap clips and binder clips. We also offer a variety of rubber band packages. Don’t wait until you can't find what you need. Shop our selection now, so that your team will be prepared for any job.
Clips & Rubber Bands
Keep your crew organized with a network of wall and desk calendars and schedule accessories. Avoid wasting valuable time fishing through your phone to find your schedule, when you could have it in plain site and easy-to-read format on your office wall. Keep a desk organizer for quick, portable scheduling, or for use while you're on the phone.
Dated Goods
A well-stocked office creates a more productive atmosphere for your employees, and a more relaxed atmosphere for clients. Your office is a representation of your organizational skills, so put your best foot forward with our large line of general office supplies.
General Office
If you need two things to stick together, we have what you need. Browse our vast inventory of glues and adhesives to find exactly what you're looking for. We carry aerosol and rubber adhesives, as well as non-flammable options and specialty items.
Glues & Adhesives
We have all kinds of labels, from thermal printing labels to dot and circle labels, and of course we carry the necessary dispensers, as well. If you're looking for badges, we offer fold-and-clip badges, horizontal ID badge holders, adhesive name badges, and more.
Labels & Badges
Avoid hiccups and disorganization in your outbound mail and shipping department by shopping our line of packaging products. Packaging tape, envelops, shipping labels and shipping pouches, available in our online catalog, will have your shipping needs covered, so you can stay on schedule.
Packaging, Shipping & Mailing
As a Paper and Supply company, we specialize in paper products. Whatever your office requires, we have the proper paper products, be it adding machine paper, computer paper or copy paper.
Paper Products
It's always a good idea to keep a hard copy of important records, but in a business setting, the storage demands of record-keeping can be intense. Stay on top of record storage with a supply of banker boxes, record storage boxes, mobile file storage supplies, record archives, durable plastic file storage boxes and racks.
Record Storage
Check out our online selection for all of your arts and crafts projects. We offer a wide range of materials and supplies, so you can get exactly what you need. Shop our online catalog to prepare for your next project.
Arts & Crafts
For office organization and storage, binders are an essential tool that protects your documents for future use, either slipped into a protective sleeve or secured directly into the binder. Create efficient reference materials, convenient portfolios, and reliable, short-term document storage with our broad selection of binder styles and sizes, including front cover and spine sleeves for easy location.
Binding spines, covers and lamination add a finished, professional look to your work while offering protection to your essential office documents. Create impressive booklets and materials with sleek organization. Make presentation and reference easy and efficient when you shop our supply of binding and lamination equipment.
Binding & Lamination
Take the stress out of display projects and presentations by providing your office staff with a supply of boards easels. Upgrade your business's display game and provide easy-to-follow visuals for presentations and instruction. We offer a variety of sizes and specifications to meet the requirements of any workplace arrangement.
Boards & Easels
Record keeping isn't just important for your own reference; it can be vital for legal and tax purposes, as well. Save yourself the headache of being unprepared when a question is raised. Check out our line of business forms and record keeping supplies to organize and protect your business today.
Business Forms & Record Keeping
A customized desk area improves efficiency by providing professionals quick, convenient access to the materials, supplies and equipment they use throughout the day. Make your work space work for you by accessorizing with organizers, keyboard and lap drawers, locking drawers and wheel kits.
Desk Accessories
Drafting chair and tables create the perfect environment for any kind of professional or amateur drafting, writing and drawing. Offer a work space that encourages productivity and reduces distraction with convenient storage and positioning.
Drafting Supplies
Find all the filing equipment and accessories you need here, in our online inventory. We provide file folders, classification folder, rolling and portable files, and more. Keep your business organized and prepared with a fully-capable filing system.
Filing & Accessories
Security and disposal is a vital aspect of your business, so don't get caught without the supplies and equipment necessary to deal with any amount of shredding. We have the collection carts, oils, lubricant sheets, and whatever else you need to keep up with the shredding demands of your business.
Shredder Supplies
Keep organization easy in your home or office with a variety of hole punches and stapling supplies. We offer hand held and high capacity staplers, reduced effort staplers, staple removers and, of course, the staples. We also carry a variety of hole-punching equipment so you can customize your document binding, storage and presentation.
Stapling & Punches
Sticky notes are some of the most convenient means of communicating, reminding, and marking things that require attention. We carry signature and color-coded flags for literature and document marking, post-its for reminders, and sticky note pads for quick notes with convenient and obvious placement options.
Sticky Notes & Flags
You'll never run low on writing instruments when you shop our inventory. Whatever your writing or drafting needs, we have the supplies to keep you in business. Everything from #2 pencils to specialized writing products is available through our online store.
Writing Instruments
Controltek Key Tags
Controltek Key Tags