Fill the void in your packages with peanuts to prevent the shaking and movement that can lead to damage during transport. Packing peanuts are a lightweight and cost-effective shipping option, and we offer biodegradable and non-static options.
Static peanuts can pose a hazard to electronics, but also make packaging difficult and are harder to control. Anti-static peanuts are an electronic-friendly way to fill voids in packaging to prevent shifting during the shipping and storage process.
Antistatic Peanuts
Biodegradable peanuts fill voids in packaging to protect against shifting during shipping and handling. They are the most socially responsible choice in packaging peanuts. Shop our online store for the best biodegradable peanut package for your business.
Biodegradable Peanuts
If you use peanuts in your packaging process, a peanut dispenser will drastically improve your packaging speed and accuracy. Easily release only the needed amount of peanuts directly into the package in which you need them. We also carry peanut vacuums, so you waste less peanuts, time and money.
Peanut Dispensers