Safety & Security
Safety & Security
Keep your employees, guests, customers, contractors, and bystanders safe with a full arsenal of safety supplies and equipment. Have first aid products on hand when needed, control spills and accidents before someone gets hurt, and clearly mark hazardous areas to avoid any unnecessary injury.
Every home and work place needs a first aid kit. We can provide you with the kit, and with replacement supplies like band-aids, alcohol, antiseptic, cold packs and tongue depressors. We also offer a case of kits, so that you're prepared in advance for any number of minor injuries.
First Aid
Ear plugs, eye covers, and protective attire are an employer's best friends in any environment that requires some advanced safety measures. Keeping your employees safe protects them and your business. Don't get caught without the right gear even once.
Personal Protection Equipment
If you deal with merchandise or money in your place of business, it's a good idea to look into different security options. We offer safes and money boxes to protect your cash reserves and deposits, as well as padlocks to protect your building and merchandise.
Keep guests and employees safe from falls and accidents with slip-resistant spill covers and caution signs. A wet floor is a huge liability and safety hazard in the workplace. Take precautions to avoid a dangerous and unfortunate situation.
Spill Control
Prepare for snow and ice before someone gets hurt at your place of business. We offer a full range of snow and ice removal gear and supplies, including safety apparel, so you can protect your clients, your employees, yourself, and your business.
Traffic & Pedestrian Safety
Safety should be the highest priority in every department of any business. Protect your clients, employees and self from hazardous situations by stocking each department with appropriate signs, attire, extinguishers, training materials, safety glass, posters, hazmat kids and safety switches.
Fire, Gas & Water Safety