Stretch Wrap
Stretch Wrap
Stretch film offers a variety of benefits throughout your packaging, shipping, storage and handling processes. Secure your pallets, easily read shipping labels through the clear material, color code pallets for fast and easy identification, reduce tampering and more. We carry the stretch wrap you need, as well as machine and hand dispensers.
Stretch film is great for the palletization of materials that might not be suited for strapping, or when you want to reduce tampering, inventory shrinkage, and employee injury. Our hand stretch film rolls range from five to nine pounds in a variety of lengths and stretch rates.
Hand Stretch Film
Machine stretch film is a great palletizing option for materials that are at more risk of becoming loose from regular strapping. Because it's stretched by a machine, the stretch rate can get up to 200%, and the rolls come in much larger sizes than the hand stretch variety.
Machine Stretch Film
Make the most of your hand stretch film, and your employees' time, with our collection of stretch film dispensers. Our dispensers improve the grip and tension on the stretch film, saving you product cost and securing a better hold on your product.
Stretch Film Dispenser
Low Tack Film