Specialty Paper
Specialty Paper
We provide specialty paper products for every industry's packaging needs. If you need strong Kraft paper or a softer alternative like bogus paper, shop our online selection. You can also find butcher and wax paper for food service needs, and tissue paper for more delicate shipping requirements.
Bogus paper is a soft, 100% recycled packaging paper that creates a protective layer around hard materials. It can also be used as void fill or for interleaving. Browse our online inventory to find a wide variety of bogus paper options.
Bogus Paper
Butcher paper is a great packaging paper option, whether for meat packaging or a variety of uses outside the butcher shop. It's heavier and stronger than other Kraft papers, and provides a reliable layer of protection.
Butcher Paper
Freezer paper is a moisture-resistant and grease-proof packaging paper usually used for food product packaging, but is also quite handy within the quilting industry and can be used for other wrapping needs, like most Kraft papers.
Freezer Paper
Tissue paper is another effective soft paper option for protecting fragile surfaces from scratches and scuffing during shipping and storage. We carry a large variety of tissue paper for packaging, as well as endless decorative options.
Tissue Paper
For packaging food products, or any products that require moisture-proof wrapping, try our line of waxed paper options. Waxed paper differs from freezer paper in that it is waxed on both sides for optimal moisture resistance and freezer protection.
Waxed Paper