Low-speed Buffer Floor Pads 5100, 14

Item Number: 160
Mfg Part #: 08389
Manufacturer: 3m/commercial Tape Div.
Low-speed Buffer Floor Pads 5100, 14
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Low-speed Buffer Floor Pads 5100, 14
Low-speed Buffer Floor Pads 5100, 14
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Specially designed for spray buffing. Cleans when damp; buffs when dry. Quickly cleans and removes scuff marks and enhances floor appearance. Works great on automatic floor scrubbers for light-duty cleaning.
To remove light soil and other contaminants. For light scrubbing. Cleans without dulling floor finish.
  • 3M™ Red Buffer Pads 5100 can be used for everyday cleaning, remove light soil, scuff marks, and black heel marks. Regular use of the 3M™ Red Buffer Pad 5100 reduces the frequency of scrub-and-recoat operations, enhancing the appearance of your finished floors with reduced labor and materials costs. Fibers throughout the pad are uniformly coated with a high-quality resin and fine cleaning particles, providing good performance throughout the pad’s long life. Open-web construction means this washable, reusable pad resists clogging and loading. Conformable fibers provide maximum pad-to-floor contact. Pads are reversible. For rotary swing machines and automatic floor machines running at low speed (175-600 rpm).
  • Use for everyday cleaning and light scrubbing under automatic and rotary floor machines.
  • Removes soil, scratches, scuff marks, and black heel marks to enhance appearance.
  • Open web construction resists loading and clogging.
  • brand: 3M™
  • color: Red
  • origin: US
  • grade: D
  • pack_count: 5/cs
  • upc: 048011083896
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