Health Gards® Lever Dispensed Toilet Seat Cover (hg-3000c)

Item Number: 70251
Mfg Part #: HG3000C
Manufacturer: Hospital Specialty Company
Health Gards® Lever Dispensed Toilet Seat Cover (hg-3000c)
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Hg-3000c Health Gards Lever Dispensed Half-fold Toilet Seat Covers With 125
Nobody likes germs. In fact, studies show that 90% of people wouldn’t use a public toilet without making sure that the seat is clean and free from possible disease-transferring germs. Quality toilet seat covers give people peace of mind. The HG-3000C toilet seat cover refills are part of the Health Gards® Lever Action Toilet Seat Cover System, which is completely enclosed to keep refills clean and sanitary.
  • Lever Dispenser Pack
  • Cost effective
  • Hygienic
  • Half Fold
  • brand: Hospeco
  • grade: D
  • pack_count: 125/Pack
  • upc: 10075289300032