Cleaning Equipment
Cleaning Equipment
Having the right tool for every job fosters efficiency and productivity in the workplace, and that goes for the washroom, too. We offer an assortment of cleaning equipment including brushes, cloths, sponges and scrubbers, even wall-washing tools. With a proper arsenal, you can breeze through tough jobs with fantastic results.
We offer a wide variety of cleaning brushes that can handle any job, big or small. Provide your employees with the right tools to efficiently tackle tough, hard to reach, or large clean-up jobs with ease. Shop our online inventory to find the brushes you need for all areas of your workplace.
We understand that proper cleaning requires a lot more than rags and soap, so we're here for all of your cleaning accessory needs. We carry mop buckets, nifty grappers, spray bottles, and more. Shop our online inventory to find the supplies you need to maintain a professional clean throughout your workplace.
Cleaning Accessories
Almost every cleaning job in every area of your workplace requires a cloth, so stock up with the appropriate supplies to keep your business clean. We also carry dusters to help capture and eliminate those elusive particles that settle in crevices and  dirty up the air.
Cleaning Cloths & Dusters
Find all the scrubbers and sponges you need for the smallest to the toughest jobs all around your workplace, here in our online store. We carry everything from soft sponges for delicate surfaces to strong scrubbers for tough, stuck-on grime. Shop our inventory for the right supplies for your business.
Sponges & Scrubbers
Add a power sprayer to your cleaning arsenal to tackle stubborn buildup, or stock up on chemical-resistant tops to hand-held spray bottles. We carry those and more, including high volume sprayers, backpack sprayers, pumps, commercial grade, and foaming sprayers. Find what you need here, in our online sprayers and pumps department.
Sprayers & Pumps
Windows and wet areas can take valuable time to clean properly. Get a professional clean with professional equipment. Shop our inventory for extendable squeegees, scrubber/squeegee combos, angled window-cleaning squeegees, and more.
Squeegees & Washers
3 Gallon Natural Polyethylene Tamco Tank 18
3 Gallon Natural Polyethylene Tamco Tank 18