Floor Care Equipment
Floor Care Equipment
The appearance of the floor effects the look and feel of the entire building. We are your floor care equipment specialists, with everything from stripper, buffer and polish floor pads to buckets, wringers and floor matting. Browse our floor care department and keep your floor and building looking professional and well-maintained.
Air movers make drying work areas fast and easy, so you can get back to work and save time and money. We carry air movers big and small enough to tackle every job, here in our online floor care department. Shop with us to find the right air mover for your work areas today.
Air Movers
No matter how big or small, the floor care of every workplace starts with a broom. We carry all types of brooms and pans from large push brooms for industrial jobs, to hand brooms and pans for small spills. Find what you need in our online store to keep your workplace floor clean and presentable.
Brooms & Accessories
Show your clients and guests attention to detail that's down to the floor, literally. A dirty workplace floor attracts attention and tells observers that you overlook things, and settle for sub-par. Our floor machines and accessories clean, repair, and shine your floor to look like new, and leave the right impression.
Floor Machines & Accessories
Whether for slip resistance, cushioning, water absorption, cleanliness or anti-static, we know floor mats are a big part of your floor care needs. We provide an extensive line of floor matting to cover each area of your workplace. If safety and cleanliness are an important aspect of your business, shop our inventory to find the mats you need, today.
Floor Matting
Find your sanding, stripping, buffing and cleaning supplies here in our online inventory when you shop our Floor Pad department. We carry floor pads, carpet bonnets, sanding screens, and more. Browse our selection to find the floor pads you need to maintain a beautiful and safe floor in all areas of your workplace.
Floor Pads
Mops are essential to floor maintenance, and they come in an endless variety, so it's important to know what you need and where to get it. Fortunately, we carry a comprehensive inventory of mops and accessories, so your floors will be taken care of when you shop with us.
Mops & Accessories
Sweeping compounds help ensure a complete clean by preventing dust and particles from becoming airborne during cleaning, so they don't end up settling right back down on the floor your just cleaned. Find the right compound for your flooring by shopping our online inventory today.
Sweeping Compounds
Our online inventory offers a variety of vacuum options, from gentle handhelds and lightweight uprights to powerful shop vacs and wide area vacuums. Shop with us to find all of the vacuums you need in and around your place of business.
Your vacuum can't be as versatile and useful as it was meant to be if you don't have the appropriate accessories and attachments for each job. We carry vacuum attachments, specialized attachments for pet hair and food service locations, extenders for hard-to-reach areas, and more.
Vacuums, Accessories