Fresh Products Wave 3.0 Urinal Screens Herbal Mint

Item Number: 63406
Mfg Part #: 3WDS-F-05
Manufacturer: Fresh Products
Fresh Products Wave 3.0 Urinal Screens Herbal Mint
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Urinal Screen
The Wave 3D combines the patented technology of a 30 day urinal air freshener/deodorizer, with the absolute splash elimination available due to it's two sided design. Wave 3D also provides an easy to use out indicator system to assist in timely maintenance.
  • 30 day urinal air freshener/deodorizer
  • The Wave 3D contain billions of beneficial bacteria that consumes odors, so it doesn’t just mask them. These amazing bacteria also help keep drains clean, clear, and smelling fresh.
  • Dual Sided Splash Control
  • Only Fresh Products has a patented fragrance load that gives it 3X more fragrance than the closest competitor.
  • color: Green
  • grade: D
  • height: 9 1/8
  • length: 21.5
  • pack_count: 10 per box, 6 per case
  • width: 9
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