Wave 3.0 Summer Sunshine Urinal Screen

Item Number: 157506
Mfg Part #: 3WDS-F010I060M-25
Wave 3.0 Summer Sunshine Urinal Screen
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The Wave 3D is our #1 selling 30-day urinal screen. The two-sided design of the Wave 3D virtually eliminates urine splash on both sides for error-free installation. Crafted for convenience, simply place the Wave 3D over the drain in the urinal and you're done. Each screen is individually wrapped to stay fresh prior to use and contains reminder tabs for worry-free replacement. The Wave 3D contains beneficial bacteria that consumes odors and keeps your drains clean, clear, and smelling fresh. Made in the USA . Better air care. Better experiences. Freshen your world with the Wave 3D today.
  • Dual Sided Splash Control The unique two-sided design allows the screen to eliminate 99% of splash back on both sides. This prevents incorrect installation which can result in a mess around the urinal. The Wave 3D makes it easy, simply place it over the drain in the urinal and you’re done.
  • Patented Performance The Wave 3D lasts the full advertised 30 days and then some. Only Fresh Products has a patented fragrance load that gives it 3X more fragrance than the closest competitor.
  • Replacement Reminders The Wave 3D comes with reminder tabs along the top and bottom edges of the screen. Simply pull off the week tab and the month tab that corresponds to 30 days from installation. Now it’s easy to remember when to change out the screen.
  • Beneficial Bacteria The Wave 3D contain billions of beneficial bacteria that consumes odors, so it doesn’t just mask them. These amazing bacteria also help keep drains clean, clear, and smelling fresh.
  • color: Orange
  • fragrance: Summer Sunshine, An exotic blend of tropical apple, orange, cassis and island pineapple juice. It combines mouth-watering peach with nectarine and pink grapefruit, then warmed by a base of sun-kissed coconut, vanilla sugar, and jasmine
  • pack_count: 10 screens/inner 6 inners/master
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