Standard Large Angle Broom With 48

Item Number: 69092
Mfg Part #: 4055-S
Manufacturer: Janico
Standard Large Angle Broom With 48
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Commercial Grade Lobby Angle Broom Replacement Head Brooms are necessity in our daily lives with a well-made sturdy commercial grade replacement broom head you do not need to worry about leaving dirt or dust behind while sweeping. 
Bristles lobby angle broom head is well constructed with stiff bristles making it an easy to use cleaning tool in places like barns, garage floors, walkways, household floors, sidewalks, tiles, offices and many more. You are not required to buy a broom handle because Bristles replacement broom head comes with a threaded hole for any standard handle. Brooms are not only used for sweeping floors but they are also used to help perform daily tasks like reaching for toys under media furniture, or simply removing spider web from ceilings. Tips Once you are done cleaning always thoroughly clean out the broom head and hang the broom upside down, which will allow you to extend your brooms life span. Alternatively, you can always hang your broom if it has a hanging hole. Since this is a flagged bristles broom head your best bet is to use it in sweeping up fine debris in dry areas. At the end of the broom handle add a rubber tip to protect your walls. With Bristles large angle broom, you are assured that cleaning up dirt will be a breeze with its large angle. This broom is specially cut and shaped for easy cleaning indoor or outdoor on smooth or medium surfaces.4055 Standard Large Angle Broom With Metal Handle
  • Stiff Bristles
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor
  • Excellent for indoor sweeping on smooth or medium surfaces
  • Flagged bristles to pick up fine dust
  • color: Yellow/Black
  • grade: D
  • size: 48"