Bh-38® (203804)

Item Number: 7716
Mfg Part #: 203804
Manufacturer: Spartan Chemical Company
Bh-38®	(203804)
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Butyl Cleaner. Industrial strength, butyl-based cleaner/degreaser. Economically handles a variety of cleaning jobs.
H-38 is a multi-purpose butyl base detergent that provides quick penetration and easy removal of light to medium industrial soils. Formulated for use at low dilutions, BH-38 is designed for heavy-duty cleaning tasks of airplane nacelles, appliances, brick, concrete, engines, machinery, flues, hoods, etc. At a lower dilution, BH-38 is great for kitchen walls, tile, marble, and dirty terrazzo.
  • Low foaming wetting agents permit BH-38 to be utilized in conjunction with industrial pressure washers and automatic scrubbers.
  • BH-38 does an excellent job cleaning concrete surfaces. In printing plants, BH-38 removes ink and grease accumulations on equipment.
  • The cleaning action of BH-38 is remarkably fast – thereby reducing the time needed for normal labor requirements.
  • Consequently, the product provides the user with a substantial savings in labor – in addition to capably handling the most difficult cleaning jobs.
  • color: Pink
  • dilution: 12 - 64 oz./gal.
  • fragrance: Solvent
  • grade: D
  • ph: 12.0 - 12.5
  • pack_count: 1 gallon (4 per case)
  • size: 1 Gallon
  • special: KOSHER
  • upc: 10753727011626
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