Consume® (319703)

Item Number: 7946
Mfg Part #: 319703
Manufacturer: Spartan Chemical Company
Consume®	(319703)
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Cleaner, odor eliminator, stain remover, and drain maintainer with natural digesters to eliminate odors. 12/32 oz./cs. Includes gloves. CONSUME ENZYME DIGESTANT & DEODERANT 32 OUNCE 12/CASE BACTERIA ENZYME DIGESTANT/DEODERANT INCLUDES GLOVES PH 8.5
Multi-functional at its best! Consume is a cleaner, odor eliminator, stain remover, and drain maintainer. It naturally removes difficult organic soils from many surfaces including tile, concrete, steel, and carpet. Regular use of Consume eliminates organic build-up in drains, keeping them clear and odor-free. Cleans and eliminates odors on floors, in dumpsters, recycling containers, and portable toilets. Ideal for cleaning and odor control in many areas, such as carpets, drains, dumpsters, and more!
  • Multi-functional to reduce maintenance time
  • Removes organic drain build-up and residue
  • Eliminates odors in drains and on a variety of surfaces
  • Naturally removes stains from surfaces and materials
  • brand: Consume Nature's Way®
  • color: Green
  • origin: US
  • fragrance: Pleasant
  • grade: D
  • ph: 8.0 - 9.0
  • pack_count: 1 quart (12 per case)
  • size: 1 quart (12 per case)
  • upc: 10753727016768
  • sds